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Don't just play for bragging rights, play for real prizes! It's simple.

  • Finish Seconds To Live.
  • Enter the on going competition.
  • Have the best score when the competition ends.
  • Win the prize!
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Our Games

Seconds To Live

Seconds To Live

A cross between snake and tron, help Fredley survive and play for your chance to win real money! Read more →

Aliens versus Humans

Aliens versus Humans

Retro turn based strategy at it's finest. Relive the days of classic X-Com: Enemy unknown.Read more →

Aliens versus Humans: Missions

Multiplayer version of Aliens versus Humans. Challenge your friends on the battlefield.Read more →



Hurdling to earth you seperate into tiny drops. Find your parts and become whole. Read more →

About Us

As indie as indie gets we are a husband and wife team both with backgrounds in Computer Science and a passion for making games. Aliens Versus Humans, a massive undertaking to reproduce the nostalgia of the original X-Com on iOS, was our first app. After releasing Aliens versus Humans: Missions, a multi-player version of AvH, we're now focusing on new games that will help fill all those wasted moments we find during the day.

Have any questions, feedback, comments, great ideas for new features or games? Drop us a line, we reply to everyone! (as long as you leave your email address - we're still working on our mind reading skills)

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